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Nova M TV celebrated its 3rd birthday with a new visual identity

9th October, 2021

The youngest commercial television channel in Montenegro, Nova M, started operating on October 9th, 2018.

This October, we have presented a new visual identity, celebrating three successful years of operating in the Montenegrin market.

Our business operations are characterized by a great reception by the audience which trusts us because we offer them quality, entertainment, the best sports content, and the fastest, most credible and accurate information.

“The team of Nova M is strong and we make a fairy tale for the spectators in the good energy of unity. We have left our wonderful purple, the color of abundance, as the backbone of the new visual. We have improved and refreshed the visual identity of Nova M TV, modernizing it in accordance with the latest trends. Our plan and vision is to be the most respectable TV in Montenegro. The new symbol says that the viewers are our center of attention and that we are all one, because our key inspiration is vox populi. In the last three years, we have been listening to what their needs are, what they want to watch and find out, how to deal with topics, and yet we act both educationally and proactively towards the audience. Our motto is: we will entertain you, we will keep your attention and we will inform you purely objectively, accurately and before everyone else! This is because Nova M’s “Centralni dnevnik” is the first in the country at 18:00, and everyone else broadcasts the news much later. Thanks to the trust placed in us by the viewers, we can proudly say that this October 2021, three years later, Nova M is synonymous with a top quality program, from sports and informative content, to entertainment, serial and film program.

Our corporate look has therefore retained its purple color, which is distinctive for us, and the interactive graphic elements have contributed to the further modernization of our presentation to the public. The conceptual design of the symbol is now harmonized with the visual identity of the Nova brand at the regional level.”- said Ivana Šebek, the CEO of Nova M, a proud member of the United Media Group.

Šebek also announced that the long-term editor of TVCG, TV IN, BK television, Radio Free Europe, Antena M, Dimitrije Jovićević, took over the news program of Nova M TV.

“In order to further improve the quality of our program, we have decided that, as of September 1st, Jovićević, a proven professional, will join our television’s team. In addition to him, we are glad to announce that Nova M is reinforced by the well-known TV personality of the Montenegrin audience, Jelena Ćorluk”, added Šebek.

In addition to the new visual, Nova M will present a redesigned new studio this autumn, as well as graphics in the news program, in order to provide the Montenegrin audience with an even more attractive and powerful experience.

Nova M also presents a great program schedule.

Excellent sports program, matches of the Montenegrin national football team, the best Turkish series, the first of which is “Ambassador’s Daughter”, filmed in Montenegro, and the drama produced by the United Media Group, “Alexander of Yugoslavia”, based on the novel by Vuk Drašković.

“Our audience deserves that we continue to provide them with the best entertainment with popular show programs, but also with broadcasting of matches of the National Team of Montenegro.

The premiere episodes of the hilarious series “Crazy, Confused, Normal”, “Don’t Touch My Mom”, and many others can be watched only on Nova M. We have Zoran Kesić, Ivan Ivanović, Vesna Dedić. The new program schedule of our television will be enriched with new content, but also with refreshed, redesigned and rearranged existing informative shows.

United Media Group, a network of the most watched TV channels in Southeast Europe, continues to strengthen its leading position in the territory of Montenegro, where Nova M has been recognized for the third year as a television with convincingly the highest quality program content by far.

“Strengthened in terms of programs and personnel, we will continue to entertain and inform the majority of viewers” – concluded Šebek.