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NOVA S celebrates its second birthday

25th March, 2021

NOVA S TV celebrated its second birthday on March 25th.

The first program that viewers had the opportunity to watch  in 2019 was the EURO 2020 qualifying match that the national team played against Portugal. Qualifying matches for the World Cup in Qatar are now being played, and the fact that they have about 60% share testifies to how popular they are.

“In March 2019, we started with three big formats – the Impression of the Week, Evening with Ivan Ivanovic and Mental Exercises. We are now broadcasting 19 shows whose authors are some of the most recognizable TV personalities in Serbia. We have gathered a top team of professionals who are responsible for the fact that the channel is in its current position. Research shows that we are the third most watched television in Serbia”, NOVA S said.

When we started, we promised to be a channel where different opinions could be heard, a channel that publishes verified and accurate news, not propaganda; a channel that opens up important topics and we are guided by this today as well. It is now completely normal to watch Dare and Mare, to relax with Ivan Ivanovic on Friday nights, and to traditionally watch and choose the Impression of the Week on Sundays. Not so long ago, these shows were banned and cancelled.

We have grown and introduced new formats: the afternoon show “Between Us” with Maja Nikolic and Natasa Miljkovic, the show about health with Dr Katarina Bajec, “24 Minutes with Zoran Kesic”, PLJIZ with a fantastic trio: Petrovic, Ljubicic and Zanetic, and Ivan Ivanovic has gathered comedians in “4 and a half men”.

We have been joined by well-known people from RTS: Rada Djuric, who now hosts the show “If I Were Someone”, and Vesna Dedic, with her recognizable format “Up the Balkan Street”.

Nevena Madzarevic and Danilo Masojevic wake us up every morning with amusing guests and interesting topics, and Jelena Obucina and Goran Dimitrijevic leave us speechless with their introductions to “Review of the Day”. Marko Vidojkovic and Nenad Kulacin have joined us with the show “Good, bad, evil”.

Actress Milena Vasic takes the contestants through the quiz show “Total Change”, the most wonderful answers of our kids in “Kefalica” are carefully selected by Tanja Aleksic, and Baya teaches us how to practice yoga properly.

The latest additions to Nova’s program schedule are two music shows: “Voice, key, bass” in which Milica Jankovic reminds us of the most beautiful jazz songs and “New super list” in which Marko Stolica presents bands from the region.

Additionally, in the last two years, we have broadcast some of the best domestic series recorded in United Media production: “Shadows Over the Balkans 2”, “My Father’s Killers”, “Branded on Court”, “Weekend with Dad”, and now viewers have the opportunity to watch the new series “Alexander of Yugoslavia” by Zdravko Sotra. We are happy to announce new series “Time of Evil” and “The Beak” in the fall.

We thank all the viewers who are with us, who recognize how much work and effort we invest in order to appear in front of them for the best possible shows. We will try to be even better, to offer them many more interesting shows, top series and movies, as well as sports content.