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TV NOVA S marks first birthday

26th March, 2020

NOVA S went on the air on March 25th a year ago with an exclusive – the first game of the EURO 2020 qualifications.

Viewers recognized the quality program offer – anchor shows, series, movies, news and sports – and the station became one of the top 5 favorites among SBB cable network users.

NOVA S TV, even though it is a cable channel, has won a position equal to the ratings of TV stations with national coverage.

“Over the past year we pulled together a fantastic team of journalists and we are proud of the original shows in our offer, the top of the line local series which premiered here, sports coverage of Serbian national team games for the European championship which viewers could see only on NOVA S TV. In future we are bringing more surprises in terms of original shows and we have four new series from the United Media production to air,” United Media CEO Aleksandra Subotic said.

NOVA S was joined in April last year by Olja Beckovic and her Impression of the Week (Utisak Nedelje) talk show, Ivan Ivanovic with his late night show program, Mental Exercise (Mentalno razgibavanje) morning show and the station continued airing the Total Turn quiz show, Mr Kitchen cooking show and Insajder Production shows – Little Big Stories and The Week Under Insajder’s Looking Glass as well as the Kefalica program for children.

The team of top-notch journalists were joined in August by Natasa Miljkovic and Maja Nikolic for the Between Us (Medju Nama) afternoon show with a team of experienced reporters and editors.

We introduced the Healthy with dr Katarina Bajec, Four and a Half Men (4 i po muskarca) show and the most recent newcomer to reinforce the station was the 24 Minutes With Zoran Kesic (24 minuta sa Zoranom Kesicem) which went on the air late in February.

Each of those shows has exceptional ratings and have been among the most viewed from week to week in their respective slots compared to all TV channels.

Viewers can choose from a rich local offer of series including Dragan Bjelogrlic’s Shadows Over the Balkans and Branded on Court, My Father’s Killers and Lullaby for a Soldier by Gaga Antonijevic, the Uncle (Ujka) series, New Horizons by Srdja Andjelic and Mladen Maticevic’s documentary about Serbian musician Vlada Divljan (Nebeska tema).

NOVA S is preparing to air the series King about Aleksandar Karageorgevic directed by Zdravko Sotra, Time of Evil by the late writer Dobrica Cosic directed by Goran Susljik, the Beak series by Milorad Milinkovic and Srdjan Dragojevic and Weekend with Dad by Miroslav Momcilovic.

We will continue airing the top-rated series and popular movies, sitcoms and telenovellas as well as BBC documentaries. We are not celebrating our first birthday because the only right thing these days is to invite someone to stay at home to protect themselves and others. We will celebrate in coming years and now we are wholeheartedly thanking the viewers who are with us and saying that they should enjoy our programs in their homes.