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Nova TV celebrates 24th birthday as the television with the most watched program

11th June, 2024

Nova TV from Croatia celebrated its 24th birthday, proving its success once again with the number of viewers of its spring program schedule, which ranked first among the viewers this year too. The spring program on Nova TV offered many hit projects, and their popularity with the viewers is confirmed by the ratings data, according to which Nova TV has a 51% larger viewership than the closest competitor throughout the day, and a 76% larger viewership in prime time.

After a short break, the mega-popular show ‘Your Face Sounds Familiar’ (‘Tvoje lice zvuči poznato’) returned to television screens this spring and won the viewers as the most-watched entertainment show every Sunday. During 13 weeks, eight candidates entertained the viewers with amazing transformations that were watched by more than half a million viewers on average every minute, while the show reached more than 2.3 million people in total. ‘Your Face Sounds Familiar’ had a 311% larger viewership than its closest competitor, and the euphoria surrounding the eighth season, which was won by the singer Alen Bičević, also spread to social networks, where the show achieved record-breaking results. The video content reached 33 million views, which represents an increase of 317% compared to the previous season, while the most-viewed performance on YouTube, made by Tomislav Marić Toma in the role of Toma Zdravković, has more than half a million video views.

The Best Men’ (‘Kumovi’) again confirmed its status as the favorite and most-watched domestic drama series in Croatia with half a million viewers every minute on average, while the premiere episodes in 2024 reached nearly 2.6 million people. In its broadcasting slot, the series has almost three times, i.e. 179% larger viewership than its nearest competitor, and since its launch has firmly held the position of the most-watched drama content on all televisions. ‘The Best Men’ series has also become extremely popular on social networks, where its video clips by now have more than 27 million views. After the summer break in broadcasting, everyone’s favorite characters from Zaglav will return to the television screens with even more exciting new episodes.

In March, Nova TV presented a new musical competition spectacle ‘I Can See Your Voice’ (‘Tko to tamo pjeva?’), which challenged many contestants to identify hidden singing talents, and this unusual and unique singing competition, broadcast on every Friday, was the most-watched content on TV channels. On average, ‘I Can See Your Voice’ was viewed by 390 thousand viewers every minute, and the show had a 148% larger viewership than the next competitor in its broadcasting slot, while the premiere episodes have reached almost 2 million viewers in total.

From Monday to Friday, the viewers could enjoy watching the tense minutes of the entertainment and competition show ‘Survivor’, which was the most-watched content on television screens in its broadcasting slot. The exciting third season, which was won by Luka Rimac and Tijana Jeremic, had a 38% larger viewership than its closest competitor, and it has reached a total of 2.2 million viewers. Adventures of the contestants in the Dominican Republic were also followed on social networks, where the season has achieved a record-breaking result with more than 30 million video views and more than 18 thousand new followers on the official Instagram page.

Within its spring program schedule, Nova TV also broadcast a new quiz show ‘Joker’, hosted by the popular TV host Frano Ridjan. Quiz fans had an opportunity to enjoy in a dynamic and exciting concept of the show, whose 60 episodes reached 2 million viewers in total.

Together with the shows that are already sitting on the throne of entertainment television content, Nova TV continues to bring the news minutes with most viewers every day. Apart from ‘Dnevnik Nove TV’, which had a 27% larger viewership than the competition in the first half of the year, the news program of Nova TV has again confirmed its leadership status on the day of parliamentary elections, during which the special election program succeeded in reaching 1.3 million people, which constitutes 36% of Croatian population.

After the extremely successful spring program, Nova TV has announced a rich and diverse program in the coming summer months, which will include popular Turkish series ‘The Golden Cage’, ‘Wild Heart’ and ‘Bridges of Life’, numerous Hollywood movie hits and lifestyle minutes with the show IN Magazin. In autumn, viewers will enjoy in new seasons of the popular shows ‘Supertalent’ and ‘MasterChef’, the fifth season of the social responsibility project “Startaj Hrvatska’, as well as many other new shows.

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