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Nova TV New Visual Identity

2nd April, 2019

Nova TV, the commercial TV station with the highest viewer ratings and the strongest multi-media group in Croatia, has changed its visual identity. A new logo, and new design is the result of years of successful operations which has kept this corporation at the top of the media industry as a modern TV with a successfully integrated digital platform.

Technological innovations, trend-setting and continued investments in people, technology, quality production and content are just a few of the key elements of the successful results of Nova TV.

”The transformation of a television into a leading domestic multi-media platform has now been completed with the new visual identity which is ever closer to the end user and is the reflection of the unity we feel and have built up over the years with our audience. The Nova TV brand has grown even stronger over the past 10 years and we are pleased to announced a new and exciting period in our business during which we will continue to be focused on the interests of our loyal audience and to expanding this family and unity outside the current framework,” Marketing, PR and Corporate Communications Director Ivana Galic Baksa said. The solutions and the original creative concept has been drawn up together with the globally-known Red Bee Media agency.

The new corporate identity will allow viewers to see the new logo and a series of new visuals recorded across Croatia.