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Nova TV receives international recognition for the best-quality program on the market

25th January, 2021

Croatian television Nova TV is the winner of the prestigious award for the best-quality program in Croatia – QUDAL (QUality meDAL), which is awarded to the best on the market by the Swiss organization ICERTIAS.

This recognition is a result of the opinion of the citizens who chose Nova TV as the best television company for the third time. Namely, Nova TV won the QUDAL quality medal in 2015 and 2017.

The QUDAL survey aimed to determine which companies, products and services, in the opinion and experience of consumers themselves, offer the highest level of quality on the market. Participants were the citizens of Croatia – the general population, Internet users over the age of 17, and it was conducted on a nationally representative sample of 1,200 respondents.

All questions were open-ended – instead of answers offered in advance, the respondents independently entered what they considered to be the most appropriate answer to the question, according to their own experience and opinion.

Nova TV was the most common choice of consumers when asked: “State the name of the television company with a national frequency in the Republic of Croatia, which in your opinion currently has absolutely the best-quality television program.”