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Nova TV receives three awards from the Croatian journalists’ association

12th June, 2024

Croatian Journalists’ Association (HND) has presented its annual awards for the best journalistic achievements in 2023, and as many as three of these awards arrived at the address of Nova TV in Zagreb. Their recipients are the news program reporter Ivan Kaštelan, the winner of the Siniša Glavašević Award for Local TV Journalism, and the journalist of web portal Saša Vejnović, who was presented with the Marija Jurić-Zagorka Award for Internet Journalism, while the Žarko Kaić Award for the Camera Work went to Marino Grgurev for his report in the investigative show Provjereno.

Ivan Kaštelan was awarded in the category of television journalism for his accurate report on a major problem in the city of Split during the summer – the widespread ignoring of the rules of behavior by young tourists, which disturbs the life of the local population. “I have been a journalist for 20 years, and this award is the crowning achievement of my career”, Kaštelan said at the presentation of the award.

Saša Vejnović won the HND award for the series of stories about the members of the Roma people who have succeeded in climbing their way up the social ladder despite all the prejudices and obstacles they are faced with in their everyday life. In the making of the series, he wanted to make his readers aware of the problems encountered by Roma and encourage them to persist on their path towards a successful education. “I am extremely honored by this award. Some of the articles from this series were among those with the largest readership on the web portal, and readers’ comments on social networks were surprisingly positive”, Vejnović emphasized.

Cameraman Marino Grgurev is the winner of the HND award for the second year in a row, and this time it also constitutes a recognition of his work for the Nova TV show Provjereno, for reports on homeless people and heart transplants in the Dubrava University Hospital in Zagreb.

Foto: Croatian Journalists’ Association (HND)