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Official cocktail party at Nova Broadcasting Group‘s new home

2nd March, 2023

Nova Broadcasting Group organized an official cocktail party to mark the opening of its new building. The event was attended by important guests from the public and political life of Bulgaria.

The mega-complex is the first independent new-generation facility for electronic media in Bulgaria, spreading over an area of nearly 17,000 sq.m. In addition to five television studios, the building also houses four radio studios, spacious equipment, editing, and a completely new newsroom, created according to world media standards. Two months ago, the building was announced as the business building of the year.

Nova Broadcasting Group CEO Stefana Zdravkova stated that the goal has always been to uphold the highest media standards. “Certainly we are bold and innovative. Also, I think we have big dreams. What we do is take chances. Our successes are important not only for us as a company, not only for us as a team, but also important for the entire market because the success of one player moves the entire market forward,” said Ms. Zdravkova.

This is an important milestone, not just for Nova Broadcasting Group, but for the whole United Media. Courage, dedication, and teamwork make exceptional success stories, and this one is to be very proud of. I believe this project will provide space for creative work of new dimensions“, stated United Media CEO Aleksandra Subotic.

The studio in which the reception was organized will soon become the new home of one of the most popular shows on the air – “Na Kafe”. “It’s fantastic, the whole building is amazing. Very modern, beautiful,” said the show host Gala. One of the co-hosts of “Na Kafe” – the actor Darin Angelov did not hide that he entered the studio for the first time. “And I’m extremely impressed, a little startled because all this space to fill it with content is a huge challenge,” he claims.

And a few hours after his success in the United States, the best Bulgarian alpine skier – Albert Popov, also visited the building of Nova TV.