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Outstanding growth for N1 Slovenia in its second year, surprises ahead

16th June, 2023

News portal N1 Slovenia is celebrating its two-year anniversary!

Since June 16, 2021, the portal has established itself as one of the most relevant and reliable media outlets in Slovenia, delivering exclusive news, interviews, and investigative stories to its citizens. The trust of our readers, which has been growing steadily over the past year, is further confirmed by official measurements.

The website records over 600,000 monthly visitors and ranks a commendable 6th place among all portals in Slovenia, according to the MOSS audience measurement. The content for our readers is created by a team of of dozens of journalists, editors, cameramen, photographers, video editors, graphic designers, and other contributors who are always at the heart of events and dedicated to professional journalism and the creation of top-quality content.

In the span of two years, we have published over 55,000 articles on our portal and 17,000 videos!

CEO of United Media, Aleksandra Subotic, extended her congratulations on the anniversary, stating, “Over the past two years, N1 Slovenia has successfully established itself as one of the most reliable news sources in the country, which is a result of the dedicated work of the entire editorial team. I want to thank the entire N1 Slovenia team, led by Katja Šeruga, for their commitment to their work. Once again, it has been confirmed that our strategy for developing N1 was the right one – not compromising on the highest professional standards. We look forward to the future successes.”

Director and Editor-in-Chief of N1 Slovenia, Katja Šeruga, also expressed gratitude to her team while announcing upcoming news in the near future, saying, “I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the team of dedicated, professional, and independent journalists and content creators at for their work and effort during the first two years of our existence. We have laid very solid foundations upon which we will continue to build. You can expect another surprise from our team in the near future.”

“The Slovenian public has received the portal very positively, which is evident in the outstanding growth we have experienced in our second year of operation. Every day, we prove to our readers, viewers, and listeners that they can rely on us, as we are responsible, innovative, fresh, credible, and, above all, an independent source of information that brings forth numerous exclusive and important stories,” emphasized Šeruga.

At N1, there are no off-limits topics, nor are there any prohibited questions. Social phenomena and political options are examined from all angles, and opinions are sought from all relevant and reliable interlocutors and sources.

The impact of N1 can be seen through the examples of our investigative stories, such as the one uncovering the violation of workers’ rights among seamstresses in Goričko, the investigation into the manipulation of numerous bank accounts in Slovenia, and the investigative reports on violence at the psychiatric clinic in Ljubljana. These stories received significant public attention, and the consequences of these revelations were visible.

Furthermore, N1’s pre-election debates, featuring representatives from all political parties, were highly regarded by the public. The podcast hosted by Suzana Lovec has also gained popularity. Considering the growing demand for video content, we will continue to invest in the development of new digital formats and technologies to cater to the diverse interests and needs of our audience.

We would like to express our gratitude to our readers and viewers for supporting us during these first two years. Your support validates our work and motivates us to continue being a voice of truth while setting high goals for the future – making our news, information, and entertainment content available anytime and anywhere, in line with the needs of the modern consumer living in the digital age.

N1 Slovenia is part of United Media, the leading media company in Southeast Europe, operating in eight countries and owning 7 national television stations, 55 cable channels, 30 portals, six print editions, and five radio stations.