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Prestigious Award for Nova TV’s Show “Provjereno”

7th May, 2020

The award ceremony for the “Vječernjakova ruža”, the oldest and the most prestigious media award in Croatia, was held virtually for the first time in history, due to coronavirus outbreak.

The show “Provjereno” is the winner of the “Vječernjakova ruža” in the TV Show of the Year category! The show which has been broadcast on Nova TV for 13 seasons, still reveals through its research reports the issues that many would rather be silent about.

“I would like to express my gratitude to the viewers and say that I can’t wait for everything to get back to normal and start working as the viewers expect us to do. My heart is like a house!”, said the editor and host of the show Ivana Paradžiković.

In addition to the show “Provjereno”, the list of the nominees for the “Vječernjakova ruža” this year included reporter Maja Medaković, actor Momčilo Otašević and actress Elizabeta Brodić, which proves the attractiveness of Nova TV’s format and faces, and the winners were solely chosen by the readers of the Vječernji list.

The power of the show “Provjereno” is also evident from the nomination of its reporter Maja Medaković in the TV Person of the Year category. Through her socially sensitive reports, Maja encourages positive changes in society. The reporter of the show “Provjereno” has been producing very specific and tangible work for ten years. Her socially sensitive reports have encouraged many citizens to participate in creating a better society through their engagement and donations, helping individuals who happened to be in unfortunate circumstances in their lives. Thanks to Maja’s reports, over the past ten years, six families have been provided with roof over their heads.

In the TV Acting of the Year category, the popular actor Momčilo Otašević was nominated, whom the audience is currently watching in the role of Saša in the TV series “Drugo ime ljubavi” and who is remembered for his numerous previous projects of Nova TV in which he showed incredible acting talent.