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All Inclusive

All Inclusive


In each season two close families get together to embark on exciting holidays in all-inclusive hotels in different picturesque places in Bulgaria. Crazy vacations filled with lots of laughter, a little bit of tears, unexpected turns, real friendship, and abundance of love. In the beginning, each of the characters has their own individual problems, but after a series of fun adventures, they return even closer and more deeply changed than ever.

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Production: Nova production Group and Hidalgo Productions

Genre: Comedy

Episodes: 48

Episode duration: 45 min

Year: 2020

Director: Boya Harizanova, Todor Nikolov, Alexander Kosev

Script writer: Zlatina Nestorova, Plamena Velkovski, Sabina Ivanova, Dobromir Baychev

Main cast: Nencho Balabanov, Lyuben Kanev, Elena Atanasova, Sophie Marinkova, Yoanna Nacheva, Alex Ivanov, Nelly Monedzhikova, Lyubomir Bachvarov, Yavor Borisov, Eleni Dekidis, Petar Kalchev, Silvester Veliyachki, Dimitar Banenkin, Simeon Angelov, Debora Zhecheva, Julian Malinov, Rada Kajryakova.

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