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This crime series follows the work of detective Sonja Kljun, who was sent from Belgrade to Subotica to investigate a series of suspicious suicides, including the death of a powerful local’s son. This doesn’t seem like a very complicated case to anyone, except to her. Her coming to Subotica will turn Sonja’s life upside down, especially when she and her 10-year-old daughter start having terrifying dreams that occasionally come true. By accepting her unusual gift, Sonja will discover a dangerous conspiracy hidden behind the alleged suicide, but also a deeply buried secret from her own past.

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Production: United Media Production

Genre: Crime/Drama

Episodes: 10

Episode duration: 50 min

Year: 2021

Director: Uroš Tomić, Jelena Gavrilović

Script writer: Matija Dragojević, Ljubica Luković

Main cast: Ivana Vuković, Drena Mršić, Stefan Vukić, Mićko Ljubičić, Ljiljana Blagojević, Mario Knezović, Filip Đurić, Nataša Šolak, Darko Ivić, Senda Boukadida, Ivana V. Jovanović, Ljubiša Milišić, Mirko Vlahović, Vahid Džanković.

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