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Edge of the night

Edge of the night


A deep dive into the world of the famous „bouzoukia“, the notoriously sinful nightclubs of the 80‘s in the Greek countryside.

Two women seeking their fortune arrive in small Greek town bearing secrets. They end up at the local nightclub as performers. Past mistakes come to life. Well-kept secrets are revealed. Two men burned by memories come face to face and clash to the bitter end. Thousands of lies are searching for their truth. The cruel face of revenge leads to a road of no return.

Inspired by the autobiographical novel of the same title by Thanos Alexandris.

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Production: Primavisione

Genre: Drama

Episodes: 110

Episode duration: 60 min/90 min

Year: 2022-2023

Creative producer: Stavros Stagkos

Director: Katerina Filiotou-Vasilis Karfis-Giannis Spironis

Script writer: Ioanna Kanellopoulou-Giorgos Makris

Main cast: Vasilis Bisbikis-Giannis Stankoglou-Anna Masxa -Giorgos Tsortekis -Iliana Mavromati-Kora Karvouni-Giannos Perlegkas

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