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Family stories

Family stories


The first scripted reality series in Greece.
It has been introduced to the Greek audience by Alpha TV in 2010 and since it has become huge success.

Social stories, based on family life but also everyday problems, with a leading cast of young actors. The aim of the program is to show, in the most realistic way possible, stories of everyday life, to present the life and problems of ordinary people.

The stories deal with problems faced by many families. People struggling to survive in their daily lives, extreme teenage bahavior, marital infidelity, inadequate parents.

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Production: Green Pixel

Genre: Drama

Episodes: Season V 154 ep. / Season VI 182 ep.

Episode duration: 45 min

Year: Season V 2020-2021 & Season VI 2021-2022

Creative producer: Tina Varvaresou & Michalis Daskalakis

Director: Season V Alekos Kyranis, Kostas Voulgaris, Marios Valasis, Thanasis Aggelopoulos, Maria Paraskeva/Season VI Kostas Voulgaris, Marios Valasis, Maria Paraskeva

Script writer: Season V Anna Vasileiou, Andromachi Markopoulou, Dimitris Tsakalas / Season VI Nikos Stathopoulos, Vicky Koukoutsi

Main cast: Different cast in each episode

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