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Lara's Choice

Lara’s Choice


Lara is an unpretentious and cheerful young woman of great natural beauty. She is about to complete her piano studies in Split, where she lives alone and supports herself with a part-time job for a catering service. At a party where she is employed by the catering service, she meets Jakov, also known as Jaša, a young man from a distinguished Split family.

Jaša has just come back after completing his education abroad, and the Zlatar family hosts this party in his honour. His father wants to use this opportunity to announce that Jaša is to take over the family business, but Jaša seems to be more interested in the young woman he met in the kitchen and he pretends not to be part of the family. Jaša and Lara have eyes only for each other and they stay together during the masked ball. After a night of passionate love in the garden they are found out by his mother Nela, who makes Lara leave the house. Jaša does not challenge his mother but he does rush after embarrassed Lara to ask forgiveness.

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Production: Nova TV

Genre: Drama/Soap

Episodes: 182 + 165

Episode duration: 45 min

Year: 2011/2012

Director: Robert Orhel, Kristijan Milić, Tomislav Rukavina, Mladen Dizdar, Milivoj Puhlovski

Script writer: Jelena Veljača

Main cast: Doris Pinčić, Ivan Herceg, Ecija Ojdanić, Frane Perišin, Jagoda Kumrić, Marija Kohn, Ornela Vištica, Bruna Bebić Tudor, Filip Juričić, Sanja Vejnović

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