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The most successful series in Greek TV. A pop cultural Greek phenomenon. A modern tale of Romeo and Juliet set in the island of Crete.

Two families in conflict. They are separated by the sounds of gunshots and a knife. The memory of the dead calls for revenge. An endless cycle of blood continues and the old vendetta, like a nightmare, spreads terror between two villages of Crete. Words never had enough power to describe such extreme feelings.

But love is the joining force that could set everything on fire! People come face to terms with their contradictory feelings. Could love bring reconciliation, the longed-for „Sasmos“?

Can love really end the long family feuds and vendettas?

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Production: J.K. Productions

Genre: Soap

Episodes: Season 1 – 171, Season 2 – 170

Episode duration: 60 min

Year: 2021-2022, 2022-2023

Creative producer: Giannis Karagiannis

Director: Kostas Kostopoulos, Zoi Filippa, Yiannis Sampanis

Script writer: V. X. Spiliopoulos , Stella Vasilantonaki, Maria Zafiropoulou, Giorgos Kokouvas, Ada Gourbali, Vasia Karitinou, Emmanouela Alexiou, Ioanna Kanellopoulou, Michalis Xoreftakis, Sotiria Pseftoudi, Tzeni Kontomari

Main cast: Maria Protopappa, Maria Tzompanaki, Orfeas Augoustidis, Dimitris Lalos, Xristina Xeila-Fameli, Dimitris Hmellos, Kostas Nikouli, Mixalis Aerakis, Olga Damani, Stathis Mantzoros, Marilita Labropoulou, Giorgos Amoutzas, Danai Pappa, Tasos Nousias, Lazaros Georgakopoulos, Argiris Pantazaras, Thanasis Patriarxeas, Giota Festa, Dimitris Alexandris, Stelios Mainas, Giorgos Gerontidakis

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