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The Cage

The Cage


The Cage is a crime series that follows the dramatic story of a strong and courageous woman – Ina Arnaudova, whose resolution to save her daughter’s life send her to prison. She is desperately trying to cope with a difficult moral dilemma in a world of crime and corruption. The plot twist takes off from the very first episode, where a horrific story turns upside down the normal daily lives of the main characters. Ina and her family is trapped by the system where crime, corruption, murder, fraud, punishment and retribution are main leading forces. She is forced to fight for justice by any means possible but is she ready to take the risk by going even further beyond ?

Dynamic action, intriguing criminal storyline, deep human relationships and surprising twists will grab the attention from the first minute. The series also tackles with issues like the ordinary man’s fight against corruption, freedom of spirit, the choices we make as parents, the social roots of female criminality.

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Production: Nova Broadcasting Group & Hidalgo Productions

Genre: Crime

Episodes: 12

Episode duration: 45 min

Year: 2023

Director: Lyubomir Pechev and Atanas Bonchev-Nakata

Main cast: Gergana Dandanova, Asen Blatechki, Martin Dimitrov, Jacqueline Docheva, Margarita Lachezarova, Yavor Ralinov

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