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The Scarab


Mystery, adventure, suspense in crimson, unexpected twists. O Skarab/The Beetle is a contemporary crime-solving series with elements of social noir and a lot of… crime. The series’ main story line consists of an elite team from the Homicide Division/ Crimes Against Life Department (of GADA), led by their fearless captain.

To catch a criminal, you need to think like one…

Marcos Alexiou, Head of the Homicide Division at the Athens Police Department. Known by the nickname The Skarab since police officers academy, Marco is celebrated for his job success, determination, agility, and his knack for deciphering the unspoken motives of his adversaries. Marco’s keen eye for understanding people is matched only by his passion for both retro and modern minimal aesthetics. Always seen behind the wheel of his vintage beetle, an inheritance from his father lost at an early age, Marco navigates the city with a blend of classic style and modern flair. He maintains strong personal connections with his colleagues and a wide network of informants. He is divorced and has a daughter, Chloe, a literature student in Thessaloniki. Despite his efforts, maintaining contact with her proves challenging at times.

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Production: Primavisione

Executive Producer: Dionysis Panagiotakis

Genre: Crime

Director: Stavros Stagos

Script writer: Antonis Liakopoulos – Eleana Vrachali

Main cast: Yannis Tsortekis (Skarab) George Pyrpasopoulos (Makis) Maria Papafotiou (Martha) Nicoletta Karras (Margarita) Alexandra Tavoulari (Katerina) Vaso Kavalieratou (Eleftheria) Konstantinos Liaros (Kostas) Sofina Lazaraki (Chloe) Yannis Miliotis (Heracles) Rania Economidou plays the role of Elena Manolis Mavromatakis in the role of Commander Thodoris Katsafados in the role of Dimitris And Trahanas! *In each episode features different guests.

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