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Reuters Institute: Nova TV news in Croatia and Bulgaria the most preferred sources of information

19th June, 2024

According to the annual report of the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at the University of Oxford, Nova TV’s news program in Croatia and NOVA TV News in Bulgaria hold the position of the most used sources of information in both countries in 2024.

Nova TV is the most trusted media in Croatia

The research also showed that Nova TV is the most trusted media in Croatia and that television remains an important medium for informing citizens, which is ahead of social networks in terms of percentage of use.

Almost half of the respondents (49%) stated that they watch the news program of Nova TV on a weekly basis, which makes it the first choice among television, print and radio outlets. The fact that Nova TV has the best result when it comes to viewer trust – as many as 65% of respondents said that it is the medium they trust the most, which is more compared to the previous year and compared to other media in Croatia, also shows that quality, accuracy and credibility are recognized.

The most watched news show in the country, since 2010, is Nova TV‘s Dnevnik, which in its 18 years of existence pushed the boundaries, introduced novelties to the Croatian media market, asked the right questions and was uncompromising in adhering to the highest professional reporting standards. Viewers have recognized its relevance and independence, as well as the fact that it always delivers accurate and verified information, and reward it with their loyalty every day.

The growing consumption of digital platforms is also visible in this year’s Reuters survey – the portal is chosen by 35% of the respondents as the online medium where they get information on a weekly basis.

Television N1 in Croatia is also recognized as one of the most trusted media. According to the report, 49% of the audience consider N1 as a trustworthy brand.

NOVA TV News is the most consumed source of information in Bulgaria

The Reuters Instite report shows that NOVA TV News is the most used source for information in Bulgaria, while the fourth position is shared by the NOVA NEWS channel and 24 Chasa Daily, followed by Telegraf Daily.

On the Internet, the most preferred source for reliable information is the website The third place is taken by the news, generated on the website of the leading Bulgarian e-mail service

NOVA is also at the top of the ranking of private media that are trusted the most by the audience (58%), according to the survey.

The Reuters Institute for Journalism Research at the University of Oxford has been conducting research like this for years, with the aim of understanding how people consume news. They pointed out that this was the most extensive research so far, which included as many as 47 markets and over 100 thousand respondents.