New norm

Basic information

Production: Go3 original series, Centaur Films

Genre: Drama/Teen

Episodes: 8

Episode duration: 20-27 min

Year: 2021

Creative producer: Kristians Alhimionoks

Director: Alberts Vieglins

Script writer: Rasa Bugavicute – Pēce

Main cast: Gundars Smuidris, Madlēna Valdberga, Rihards Jānis Ķullītis,Ieva Barkāne, Toms Krīgers, Evija Skulte, Intars Rešetins, Elīza Daine


David’s a typical gen-z youth that tries to live a normal life after witnessing a tragic accident in his childhood, but the special ability he gained because of the event is still haunting him. He and his group of friends are struggling with everyday issues, and one of David’s are constant panic attacks. Anything can trigger them, and in this state David can hear everyone’s thoughts around him.

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Episode 1

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