Crime, Drama

The Hunt for Salamander

Basic information

Production: Nova broadcasting Group

Genre: Drama, Crime


Episodes: 12

Duration: 60 min

Year: 2021

Creator(s): Alexander Chobanov, Radoslav Yordanov

Screenplay: Alexander Chobanov, Vladislav Tinchev

Directors: Dimitar Dimitrov, Viktor Bozhinov

Main cast: Julian Vergov, Ana Papadopulu, Iva Mihalic, Hristo Petkov, Elena Telbis, Plamen Dimov, Ivan Barnev, Kire Giorevski, Robert Yanakiev, Petar Antonov, Koina Ruseva, Vesela Babinova



Kamen Petkov (50) runs Missing Persons division at the National Police Directorate. In the past he was struck by a great personal loss and family tragedy. 11 years ago, he was married to Ralica Petkova (40), also a police inspector, currently working at another police branch. The family loses a daughter in unclear incident and none of them suspects that behind the death of their child stands a powerful crime syndicate operating on the Balkans. The heavy loss leads to the disintegration of the family. In nowadays both parents are trying to forget and to run away from the tragic memory buried in the past, up to a moment when a violent murder of a Croatian girl in the city park becomes an active investigation involving Kamen. At the same time Ralica witness strange symptoms associated with poisoning leading to the death of shady Bulgarian businessman. Both investigations intertwine and lead to discoveries revealing not only the personality of the murderer of Kamen and Ralica’s child, but also uncover the secretive crime organization “Salamander”, which have spread its dark wings all over Europe.

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