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SK Esports – the channel dedicated to the world of esport and video games – started its broadcasting

22nd June, 2019

The first regional channel aimed at esport and video games lovers, SK Esports, has started its broadcasting on June 22. This is joint venture by Fortuna Esports and United Media.

The channel has been launched through broadcasting the biggest Dota 2 competition, ahead of the long-awaited The International 2019 Tournament. EPICENTER Major Tournament being held in Moscow and having for its participants the largest Dota 2 giants such as Team Liquid, Team Secret, OG, PSG.LGD,, among others, was aired live from Belgrade studios.

The “MORE THAN A GAME” motto describes the very size of this modern industry. Last year, the gaming industry made a profit of $116 billion, which is more than the music industry ($17 billions) and the movie industry ($41 billion) put together. The world market is currently estimated at 2.4 billion fans of gaming, of which as many as 380 million follow the competition and esport content.

LoL competitions lovers will be delighted to witness the live broadcasting of all Esports Balkan League games, the biggest regional League of Legends competition in the Balkan, along with localized broadcasting of the biggest European and world tournament in Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2.

Esports Balkan League, as one of the largest regional competitions, has so far distributed more than 120.000 Euros through the prize pool, with each season being followed by 200.000 viewers. This region being fertile soil for talented players can be testified by the presence of our players across Europe and the world, as well as by the success of the domestic CS:GO team cr4zy (formerly Valiance&CO), being ranked 17th on the HLTV world list.

EBL is to be on programme every Monday and Thursday from 7 PM. The programme scheme will be joined by great domestic streamers like Milos “Sa1na” Sainovic, Ivan “GUHSayian” Ilic and Stefan “Donn” Stojiljkovic. Each day in different times the viewers will enjoy in their adventures in unrelenting games such as Fortnite, League of Legends and Dota 2.

With a humorous overview of the current events, Djodje Djurdjev will take the viewers through the world of gaming, from the latest games, through esport competitions and news to the most bizarre events accompanying this industry in a form of 10-minute GG show.