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Special screening of the movie “Guardians of the Formula” produced by CobraFilm and United Media

15th September, 2023

A special gala screening of Dragan Bjelogrlic’s new movie “Guardians of the Formula”, produced by CobraFilm and United Media, was held in the Madlena Palace of Art in Belgrade. This special screening was jointly organized by the French Embassy in Belgrade and the movie crew.

“I had the privilege of already watching the movie and I am very happy that we are watching it on the big screen with many friends from Belgrade. This movie is very special for me, because it shows the special relationship between France and Serbia, the special relationship of people in France and Serbia, after the nuclear accident in Vinca. The movie shows us what happened then, but also humanity and solidarity on both sides in order to overcome that event. It is a very vivid story and I am very happy that we are watching it on the big screen“, said French Ambassador in Serbia H.E. Pierre Cauchard.

“First of all, I want to thank the ambassador of France, H.E. Pierre Cauchard, who organized this special screening, because he obviously recognized our film as a great story about French-Serbian friendship. From the very beginning, the Embassy of France and H.E. Pierre Cauchard were our sincere friends, supporting us from the very preparations, so here we are to this projection. I think it is interesting and unusual that many ambassadors and representatives of the diplomatic corps want to get to know what we are doing in Serbia. On the other hand, it is interesting for us that we have a general rehearsal before the Belgrade premiere, as well as the numerous festivals that await us this fall,” said Dragan Bjelogrlic at the screening.

The screening was attended by the Patriarch of Serbia, Mr. Porfirije, a large number of ambassadors, SANU president Zoran Knezevic, directors of the Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences, representatives of the Faculty of Physics, Faculty of Physical Chemistry, Faculty of Medicine, as well as a large number of distinguished public figures from the scientific and cultural establishment.

After the great success of the film “Guardians of the Formula” at the largest European festival in Locarno and receiving the prestigious award of Variety magazine and the Audience award in Sarajevo, the audience is eagerly awaiting the Belgrade premiere of the movie, which is scheduled for October 24 at the MTS hall in Belgrade.

This unique story written by Vuk Rsumovic along with Ognjen Svilicic and Dragan Bjelogric is based on the novel “The Case of Vinca” by professor Goran Milasinovic. The author’s team, led by Bjelogrlic as director, consists of director of photography Ivan Kostic, editor Milena Predic, set designers Jelena Sopic and Jovana Cvetkovic, costume designer Marina Vukasovic Medenica, composer Aleksandar Randjelovic, while executive production is signed by Goran Bjelogrlic.

In the title roles, we will see Radivoj Rasa Bukvic, as well as the famous French actors Alexis Manenti, Olivier Barthelemy and Anna Sara. The director of the Vinca Institute, Pavel Savic, will be played by Predrag Miki Manojlovic, and the head of state security of the SFRY, Leka Rankovic, will be played by Dragan Bjelogrlic. The director assigned the roles of young Yugoslav scientists to Jovan Jovanović, Alisa Radakovic and Ognjen Micovic.

The movie is supported by Euroimages, Creative Europe Media, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia, as well as the Film Centre Serbia, Film Centre of Montenegro, Slovenian Film Centre, and North Macedonia Film Agency, while the movie distribution is entrusted to the company Art Vista.

Photo: Marko Obradovic Edge