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Weekend on Nova TV from Croatia earned a golden button

27th September, 2023

Since the beginning of September, the autumn trumps of Nova TV from Croatia have been winning the hearts of viewers – the entertainment show MasterChef and the series Kumovi, and the tenth season of the mega-popular show Supertalent that premiered on Sunday, September 24th, which brought numerous unforgettable performances. The very first episode, which achieved a 47 percent share in viewership and became the most-watched entertainment content this month, proved that even after nine seasons, this show rightly holds the title of the most-watched entertainment format in Croatia. The performances of the nine outstanding candidates were watched by almost 637 thousand people, and the first episode reached over 1.1 million viewers and was 386 percent more watched than its first contestant. There was no shortage of tears, laughter, shocking moments, and fun, and the first golden button was awarded to the charming music group Esteriore brothers, who charmed Maja and won her affection. The four brothers Mimmo, Amedeo, Piero, and Gabriele, who come from a traditional Sicilian family, won a direct ticket to the semi-finals. “Not only me, but all of us deserve to see you again,” said Maja, who was carried across the stage by the brothers. “Positive energy wins, so always spread the love. This is what we stand for”, they said after the performance.

In addition to Supertalent, which was by far the most watched content during the weekend of September 23rd and 24th, the domestic drama series Kumovi stood out in terms of viewership, which achieved 29 percent the viewership on Saturday, September 23rd, and 28 percent more watched than its first competitor in its broadcast slot.

Nova TV’s schedule on Saturday included the regional movie Toma, which was watched by 34 percent of viewers on small screens. With 360,000 viewers watching every minute of this successful film, Toma became the most-watched film in September, and Nova TV was even twice as watched as its first competitor during the broadcast.

In addition to its entertainment program, Nova TV also dominated the segment of the informative program, and over 405,000 people were informed during the mentioned weekend with Nova TV’s Dnevnik, which achieved a 32 percent share in viewership. Nova TV’s prime time slot was more than twice as watched as its first competitor, which confirms that Nova TV’s entertainment-informative program formats dominated television screens that weekend.

Source: UMTG; data provider: AGB Nielsen; TG: 4+; Period: 1.9. – 24.9.2023.; CSHR%, AMR%, AMR, RCH; Primetime: 19-23:30