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Survivor starts broadcasting in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro

18th March, 2022

Broadcasting of “Survivor”, one of the most popular entertainment and competition show programs, began on March 15 in Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina on United Media TV channels.

On weekdays, viewers of Nova TV in Croatia, Nova BH in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nova S in Serbia and Nova M in Montenegro have the opportunity to watch the competition of 20 candidates from across the region who will do their best to reach the ultimate goal and the end of the competition.

In the first week of broadcasting, “Survivor” recorded exceptional ratings on all televisions, and the tense challenges and competitions of the candidates, divided into two teams, are being watched by growingly more viewers day by day.

Hip-hop musician Igor Lazic Niggor, cross-fit coach Maša Kuprešanin, actress Mina Nikolić, waiter Vladimir Govedarica, physical education teacher Branko Milošev, basketball player Milica Dabović, student Nađa Erić, fitness instructor and Red Cross worker Stefan Nevistić, rugby player and B.Sc. in Economics Stevan Stevanović, as well as life coach Ivona Koković, will show their survival skills as members of one team.

Singer Ivana Banfić, master of kinesiology Goran Špaleta, fitness instructor Kristian Rauch, kinesiology student Nika Rakić, marketing, social media, and public relations student Sanja Močibob, fitness instructor and gym co-owner Tomislav Rubinjoni, law student Sumejja Šejto, gym worker Viktor Bobić, landscape architecture student Tena Tomljanović and waiter Roko Simić will test their endurance as members of the second team.

During “Survivor”, candidates will face two types of challenges in which they can win valuable prizes or immunity from elimination. Longing for modern life comfort, food, or communication with loved ones, they will do their best to win a prize in the first round of challenges that would enable them to have a more comfortable stay on the island – hot shower, food, or phone call to family members.

In another type of challenge, candidates will compete for immunity that protects them from participating in a duel, whose members are elected by the Tribal Council. Two members of the same team or competitors from opposite teams can take part in the duel, and only a victory can bring them back into the game and spare them from a departure from the island. As the field of play narrows down week after week, the Tribal Council is becoming more and more interesting to viewers who cheer for their favourites, and given the cash prize that comes with winning, debates in which candidates will argue or flatter each other so as to avoid being kicked out of the game will take on epic proportions.

Viewers will follow the candidates’ daily adventures on their TVs as they search for food, try to light a fire, or build a shelter, and teamwork will be of crucial importance along the way.