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The celebration of 25 years of Vijesti

5th September, 2022

The independent daily newspaper “Vijesti” celebrated 25 years since its first issue, which was published on September 1, 1997.

A quarter of a century of existence of the independent daily newspaper “Vijesti” is proof that knowledge, dedication, perseverance, good intentions, professionalism and loyalty to values ​​can produce results in societies like ours, said Marijana Bojanić, the executive director of independent daily newspaper “Vijesti” and TV Vijesti.

At the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the founding of “Vijesti”, she said that this date is not only a big holiday for everyone from Vijesti, but for all of Montenegro.

“Therefore – I don’t perceive tonight’s event only as a celebration of 25 years of existence of one company, one brand. This is a quarter of a century of history filled with events that brought uncertainty. Thus, the role of the professional media became more and more important and stronger”, said Bojanić.

She pointed out that it is especially important that in crisis situations everyone has the right information about what is happening, both in the public and in the secret area. “When the institutions of the system are weak and do not have the trust of the citizens, the strength of the professional media is in providing accurate and timely information on the basis of which each of us individually makes important decisions. This was most obviously proven by the era of insecurity during the Covid-19 pandemic, when “Vijesti” literally became the primary service for informing the entire citizenry.”

Aleksandra Subotić, the executive director of United Media, said that it is impressive when a media company celebrates 25 years of existence nowadays.

“It is even more impressive when a media company can boast that for a quarter of a century it has clearly and decisively operated in accordance with the highest standards of the profession, working exclusively in the public interest. Vijesti has proven that it is possible to be an independent, professional media and survive on the media scene, to be respected among colleagues not only in the country but also much more widely, and at the same time to have the trust of the audience that recognizes the efforts of every journalist to get to the truth. We are extremely proud that it is part of the United Media company, I believe that in the years ahead, we will work together to improve the position of Vijesti on the market, while at the same time strengthening the values ​​for which they are recognized. Happy birthday to Vijesti and congratulations on the great work to all employees”.

Harlan Mandel, the executive director of Media Development Investment Fund, said that the contribution of Vijesti to independent journalism in Montenegro and the region is still of vital importance.

“Dear Vijesti, I congratulate you on your 25th anniversary and a quarter of a century of service to Montenegro! We applaud your tireless commitment to quality journalism and unyielding commitment to press freedom. Your contribution to independent journalism in Montenegro and throughout the region is still of vital importance and MDIF is proud to walk with you. We look forward to the next 25 years!”

Eleven years after the newspaper, television was founded, which today is the most watched TV station, and the daily news is by far the most watched show. Fourteen years after the newspaper, a portal was founded, which is almost twice as read as all the others combined in the country. Newspapers are still, according to all surveys, the most trusted. The Center for Investigative Journalism was founded in 2015, and so far many social anomalies have been revealed to citizens through investigative texts.