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The finale of Zvezde Granda broke all viewership records

12th June, 2024

After nine months of broadcasting, the 17th season of the most-watched talent show in the Balkans, Zvezda Granda, got a winner on a spectacular final night that broke all viewership records, with 35.94% of the television audience in Serbia, according to TV Beat data.

With almost 1.5 million viewers, the final of the Zvezde Granda music competition was by far the most-watched show of the day on all television stations in Serbia, including Public Service.

The show also broke records in other countries of the region – in Bosnia and Herzegovina 50.39%, in Montenegro 31.84%, according to TV Beat, while in Macedonia the share was as much as 53.58%, according to AGB Nielsen data.

During the final night, an incredible 529,636 votes were received and the winner won a car, a song, and complete marketing of the largest production and television company Grand. A brilliant musical career also smiles at the other finalists who, in addition to a contract with the biggest production house and care about the performance, will also receive a song, and the professional music team of Grand will decide which of them will receive the composition.

The Grand remains synonymous with top music and television production, gathering the most prestigious and best-selling performers of the regional music scene for two and a half decades. The shows that come from Grand production have been at the very top of the ratings for years: Zvezde Granda, Zvezde Granda Special, It’s Never Too Late, and Practical Woman is an unavoidable part of the television offer throughout the region.