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The fourth season of “My father’s killers” started broadcast

3rd March, 2020

Broadcast of one of the most popular domestic crime series, “Ubice mog oca”, the sequel of which was recorded in the United Media’s original production, begins as of March 2 on Nova S channel.

Following popular global trends, the companies United Media and SBB have for the second time made possible the popular binge-watching of the series on the EON platform for all the viewers eager to watch all ten episodes at once.

A new case, new characters and plots as well as the revealing of some old secrets – a much darker season than all the previous ones, with many more action scenes are awaiting the viewers in the fourth season.

The central case in the new season is rape and the authors of the series say they wanted to draw attention to the defeating statistics of a great many cases of sexual violence and the fact that the number of reported cases is still very small. Parallel to this story, viewers can follow the wars of the old criminal clans that inspectors Aleksandar Jakovljević (Vuk Kostić) and Mirko Pavlović (Marko Janketić) will try to figure out and, as before, take the side of justice. Also, the case of detecting the killer of inspector Janković’s father remains one of the priorities.
Sloboda Mićalović plays the role of a new character – Dunja, an inspector for crime and sexual offence, in charge of identifying and finding the rapist. This character is a strong and capable woman who works tirelessly to help the victims of the unknown criminal.

New characters in the fourth season will also be played by Voja Brajović, Boris Komnenić, Aleksandra Prijović, Mladen Sovilj, etc. The authors of the series are Predrag Gaga Antonijević and Nataša Drakulić and the series was recorded for United Media by Film Danas and Dandelion Production.