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The grand finale of “Your Face Sounds Familiar” – extraordinary live show and unprecedented audience interest

22nd May, 2024

A historic TV spectacle on NOVA in Bulgaria and an impressive show in front of more than 11 000 people marked the grand finale of the 12th season of one of the most watched shows – “Your Face Sounds Familiar”. The nearly 4-hour broadcast from Arena Sofia was followed by more than half of all TV viewers. According to the official people metric data, the audience share of “Your Face Sounds Familiar” among the audience in active age (18-59 years) is 53.9%, while the second TV’s ranking is 4 times lower.

In the minutes in which this season’s winner was announced, NOVA was watched by nearly 70% of all TV viewers, while the second and third TV stations in the ranking had 10 and over 20 times lower score, respectively. The last episode of “Your Face Sounds Familiar” season 12 has 53 thousand streaming views on and over 5 thousand on NOVA PLAY.

Unexpected musical surprises, uncompromising imitations, incredible multimedia and real entertainment presented the last live show of the most watched imitation show this Monday on NOVA. After 12 thrilling nights, viewers named Vladimir Zombori the big winner of the 12th season of “Your Face Sounds Familiar”.

The actor left everyone speechless after his flawless imitation of Freddie Mercury with the iconic song “The Show Must Go On”. The jury – Hilda Kazasyan, Veselin Marinov, Lubo Kirov and Dimitar Kovachev – Funky expressed their admiration for the impersonation, but traditionally the first place in the final was determined solely by the vote of NOVA viewers. “It is very difficult for me to speak. I never imagined such energy and such love from the people. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone,” Vladimir Zombori said in tears minutes after receiving the award for best impersonator.

The second place went to Hristiana Loizu, who chose to portray Valya Balkanska. She brought the whole hall to its feet with her performance of the cosmic song “Izlez e Deliu Haidutin”. “Thank you very much for your support, this is unique for me. Last summer I imagined singing in such a place and I am extremely grateful that I had this opportunity,” the singer expressed her excitement.

The bronze medal went to Nasko from B.T.R, who did a brilliant imitation of the legendary frontman of Iron Maiden – Bruce Dickinson. The honorary fourth place went to Ivo Arakov, who entertained the audience in a unique way as the lead singer of Imagine Dragons – Dan Reynolds.

For the first time in the history of “Your Face Sounds Familiar”, all eight contestants fought for the prize at the grand finale. The show at Arena Sofia was opened by Giuliana Gani, who chose to represent the unforgettable talent of Amy Winehouse. Maria took the spotlight as Serbian legend CECA. Panayot Panayotov won the hearts of the viewers with the legendary song from the movie “Pretty Woman”. Elena Atanasova caused a real sensation in the hall and brought the fans back to the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest with song “Water” from Elitsa Todorova, and together with her on stage was Niki Stanoev as Stoyan Yankulov – Stunji.

The special evening was opened with a joint performance by Raffi Bohosyan, mentors Etien Levi, Vladimir Mihailov, Alex Eneva and the Funky Monkeys Ballet. Immediately after the festive welcome of Hilda Kazasyan and Dimitar Kovachev – Funky the first surprise for the audience came. Lubo Kirov appeared on the stage together with his double for the evening – the host Gerasim Georgiev – Gero, with whom together they performed “Ima li tsvetia”. After them, the public welcomed Dimitar Rachkov and Veselin Marinov, who received the audience’s applause for their duet performance of “Liatna zhulta roklia”. The spectacular performance was also joined by the talented kids of “Bon-Bon”, who sent the message to help each other with the song “We Are The World”, in support of the causes of UNICEF Bulgaria.