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The most modern studio in the region is the new home of Nova TV Dnevnik in Croatia

3rd February, 2023

Nova TV, the leading media company on the Croatian market, presented its central news program in a completely new guise. Nova TV Dnevnik, the show that made the history of television reporting in Croatia, was presented in a new time slot at 7PM and from a new, excellently equipped newsroom.

According to the first viewer data, every third viewer who was in front of the small screens at that time watched Nova TV Dnevnik, which reached almost one million viewers. Viewers once again chose Nova TV’s news program, which in that time slot was even 112% more watched than the next competitor. The new studio and the new broadcasting time represent a significant change for this news program, which has been the most watched for the past 13 years, and it still holds that status today. “I am very proud of this project, of my colleagues who worked tirelessly and proved once again that our knowledge and professionalism are at the highest world level,” said Dražen Mavrić, President of Nova TV Management Board.

The multifunctional studio covers 600 square meters and can be used in all directions. It is equipped with 4K studio cameras and the latest generation LED lighting. The studio enriches several curved video walls, multiple 4K resolutions, made with high-precision LED technology in the image display, which is why the image on them is crystal clear. The center is dominated by the presenters’ desk, which follows the latest trends in design, and whose peculiarity is that it can be rotated 360 degrees.

Nova TV has been a leader in implementing the most modern technological trends in our field for a long time, and the same can be said for our new news program studio. The studio has a modern design, clean lines, but all the most modern technologies are implemented in it. We had excellent support from the architects who put a lot of effort into making the studio look as it was planned. In such large projects, experience and understanding of television technologies are very important, which we gained by choosing a studio design partner,” said Srećko Husnjak, Nova TV technical director.

The redesign of the news program involved not only numerous colleagues from Nova TV, but also the best experts from abroad. The design of the studio was created by the Austrian architect Stuart Veech, who also designed some of the best TV studios in the world.

“We are always looking for new challenges. That was important to us when we set up a new studio here at Nova TV, where it is traditional to weave elements of modernity and transform the space. The presentation of the news changes throughout the day. The space has to be adapted, and we achieved this with the rotating table. With the help of the LED video walls, you can switch from the newsroom environment, the workspace, to the presentation of the news, which makes the presentation more lively and more focused on the content,” said architect Stuart Veech.

As in previous years, the new studio will use the best graphics and augmented reality systems. This means that viewers will continue to see high-quality graphics every night, with which Nova TV’s production and information team presents news in an innovative, dynamic and interesting way, adding value thanks to the latest technology.

“We tried to strike a balance between the timeless design of the architectural firm Veech&Veech and a very simple graphic design with strong typography and eye-catching colors that are a recognizable signature of the broadcasts,” said graphic designer Alan Zaruba, who was responsible of the graphic design together with Oficina studio.

Aside from working with global experts, I think we somehow showed that our people are also in that team. The new graphics package is a refreshed package that continues to convey our strength and market leadership. I think that with this simple statement, we will once again focus on what is most important to us, which are the viewers,’‘ said Ivana Galić, Head of marketing and corporate communications of Nova TV.

In recent months, the Nova TV team has been working at two addresses because of the installation of the new studio. The broadcast was filmed in the old premises, while preparations for a new beginning were being made in the new premises.

“It was exceedingly demanding, but we managed to realize everything thanks to the dedication of the people who made a significant effort to realize the complete information program in parallel at the old location and at the same time to carry out all the rehearsals that were necessary to bring it to the point where we can broadcast from the new studio”, said Mario Kralj, Head of production services.

The overall news experience will be even richer, and the editors and journalists of Nova TV will have an even greater pleasure and challenge in preparing and producing TV reports, live broadcasts from the event location, extraordinary news, virtual reports and video walls presenting modern graphic solutions.

“This studio provides a whole range of possibilities for a different way of presenting the content. Viewers will get a more dynamic, attractive and meaningful broadcast. We didn’t just change the premises, we’re changing the entire way of working, we’re also introducing many innovations in terms of content. But what we will keep are the professional rules that we never give up on,’‘ said Ksenija Kardum, Head of Nova TV news program.

A persistent and unique approach to the work of journalists and editors, as well as an objective, up-to-date, reliable and relevant way of reporting, are the constants of Nova TV Dnevnik. This has also been recognized by the viewers, which is why the central news program has been the most watched news program in the country since 2010.

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UMTG, data provider AGB Nielsen,

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