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The redesign of the website won the prestigious international Web Excellence Award

3rd October, 2023

While the website is breaking records for the number of page views and has held the title of the most-read website in Croatia for more than two years, another important recognition is coming to its editorial office. Its new, redesigned interface presented in June this year won the prestigious International Web Excellence Award.

More than 1500 submitted works, from 26 countries of the world, from as many as six continents, competed for the Web Excellence Award, and the first place won in the Media & News category proves that the quality of the redesign of the website, performed by the professional team of the Croatian IT company Undabot, is recognized internationally.

“Readers reward the actuality and timeliness of when it comes to news from the country and the world, and the website follows and responds to the needs of its audience with the same promptness. Its preferences and desire for an even better information experience are woven into the new design of, which with its modern appearance, modularity, speed, intuitiveness and transparency follows world trends, for which we have now received confirmation from the profession,” said Domagoj Repač, head of project management of New Media at Nova TV.

The Web Excellence Awards, presented by the Web Academy of Digital Arts and Media (WEDAM), were launched to encourage excellence and set high standards for creative, technical and professional projects and websites. This is also the second Web Excellence Award won by the Nova TV websites this year – the recognition came at the very beginning of 2023 for the redesign of the most read domestic showbiz portal,