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The regional music show – IDJ Show kicks off

20th March, 2022

The greatest regional talent race, the IDJShow, began airing on March 20 on IDJTV. One million EUR will be invested in the development of 12 new careers within the new show program.

The goal of the first episodes of this competition is to select 24 contestants with the assistance of IDJCoaches, who will have the opportunity to perform together on the big stage. Out of over 1,500 candidates, as that many have applied for audition, the best were chosen by Relja, Teodora and Darko Dimitrov. The audience will have the opportunity to get to know these contestants through introductory shows. Only 12 of them will be given opportunity to create a star path within the concept of competition, which has not been seen in this region ever.

After the auditions and the first studio episode, the competitive part of the IDJShow starts, namely the 90-minute episodes with 12 favourites. After each episode and performance, points will be given to them by coaches, but also by the audience with their clicks, likes, shares and reviews. Popularity on social networks is what will keep competitors in the game or kick them out of it. Candidates also get their profiles on current social networks with zero followers and choose their @idj nickname, with which they start their careers. Within the competition, there is also IDJCoin, which stands for common popularity of all candidates. It is this popularity precisely that will give value to the IDJ Coin, which in the end is intended for the winner of the first season of the IDJ Show.

Through the shows, until the end of the season, the candidates will receive various musical tasks. What stands out and what distinguishes the IDJShow from other music competitions is that the candidates get their song, video, even a duet with a famous artist, namely a career before the finals of the series. Millions of euros will be invested in their careers through songs, seconds on television and videos, while they will have a certain monthly budget to use it for marketing and production purposes with the assistance of their associates.

The goal of this revolutionary competition is to create new music stars, whereby the participants will develop their digital platforms through this show, and accordingly get the opportunity to get from micro-influencers the title of a big star on the public music and influencer scene.