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The shooting of the 4th season of “My father’s killers” has been started

27th June, 2019

Late this June, in the production of United Media and Dandelion production, the shooting of the fourth season of the popular TV show My father’s killers has been started in Belgrade.

The writer Ms. Natasa Drakulic reveals that the central plot of this new season brings us a series of rapes in Belgrade. “After a while we get a chance of watching crime TV show being at the same time tough and brutal. The rape statistics is disastrous with the number of reported cases even more withering due to victims giving up reporting the offenders,” says Ms. Drakulic.

As she pointed out, in parallel with the main plot of this story, TV viewers will also be able to follow the wars of the old criminal gangs the inspectors Aleksandar Jakovljevic (Vuk Kostic) and Mirko Pavlovic (Marko Janketic) have been trying to figure out so far while doing their best to stay on the right side of justice.

Vuk Kostic himself does not reveal much detail from the series, but promises episodes full of action. “Every time when it comes to starting the new season I am delighted all over again after having read the screenplay. This particular season will be exciting, with lots of twists and packed with action scenes,” says Kostic.

He adds that, as in previous seasons, in this new chapter inspector Jakovljevic is trying to figure out who had murdered his father and why. “I can reveal as much as the inspector will become Head of Department of Narcotics, the position being held by his father and Ljuba Bandic in the previous season.“

The brand new character in this season is Sloboda Micalovic, inspector Dunja, in charge of finding and bringing the rapist to justice. She portrays a strong and capable woman who works day and night trying to help the victims of an unknown criminal.

“Dunja is a police inspector major in charge of homicides and sexual delicts engaged in resolving the rape cases in this season. As she suspects there is one serial rapist (if there is one or even more this is to be found out at this season’s finale). Being quite pleasant, she is also determined, brave and cruel when it comes to finding the perpetrator,” says Sloboda Micalovic.

According to her, this particular season is not much darker than previous ones, but the viewers can expect much more action coming forward.

“The story can go pretty diluted when it comes to sequels. With strongly fixed coordinates, this particular show keeps high quality standards, which is quite important. The show is definitely exciting, rather dark, packed with even more action scenes, but most importantly it remained consistent with its good quality goals, strong characters, plot and developments,” points out Micalovic.

The new characters in the fourth season are played by Voja Brajovic, Boris Komnenic and Isidora Gradjanin.

The creator of the show is Gaga Antonijevic, and the 4th season will be premiered in fall 2019 on the NOVA S channel.