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The third season of My Father’s Killers

12th November, 2018

The third season of My Father’s Killers went on the air on TOP Channel (Top Kanal) on November 12. The previous season of My Father’s Killer had top ratings on TOP Channel. This year’s season has 11 episodes. It will be aired on Mondays at 08:00 pm.

In the third season of the show Ubice mog oca inspector Aleksandar Jakovljević works on a murder case of a renowned doctor which leads him in several directions with an unpredictable plot twist in the end. Through this case, the show dramatically tackles the issues of the relationship between the public and the private sector in this field. At the same time, there is a great war going on between drug cartels over the reign on the drug market, an issue Marijanović desperately tries to shield him from, which proves to be impossible. The past which Aleksandar has never managed to escape, despite everything, because the murder of his father Mile, former head of the Narcotics Department, was never solved, is knocking on his door again. He finds out the painful truth which changes everything…