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TOP Channel Becomes NOVA S

15th March, 2019

The TOP Channel is changing its name to NOVA S on March 25. Along with top-class local and foreign series and movies which the channel was known for to date, its program will be all the richer with new entertainment and political talk shows, news and documentary programs and exclusive sports event coverage.

The change of name bring NOVA S into the NOVA brand family which is the biggest regional TV network. NOVA has been recording top viewer ratings in Croatia for almost 20 years and has won the market in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro since it became part of United Media last year.

Quality above all, that is our vision. We have been guided by that from the very start and we firmly believe that this is the only way to achieve a long-term leading position on the market. That is why we have decided to expand the TOP Channel, now NOVA S, programming with political and entertainment shows and news programmes,“ United Media CEO Aleksandra Subotic said.

New Formats on NOVA: Impression of the Week, Mental Excercise and An Evening With Ivan Ivanovic

The day will start at 6.30 am with the Mental Exercise (Mentalno razgibavanje) morning show hosted by Darko Mitrovic and Veljko Pajovic who are promising to wake up their viewers, make them laugh, enjoy good music and converstations with experts on current social issues. Workdays at 08:30, the radio duo will be on a live stream via the NOVA S web site.

An Evening With Ivan Ivanovic, one of the most popular shows on Serbian TV, will be aired on Fridays at 10:00 pm. Ivan and his team are ready for top entertainment in a new, modern studio.

The political talk show Impression of the Week (Utisak Nedelje) with host Olja Beckovic will go back on the air after a pause of several years. The show has a recognizable concept and Olja and her guests will analyze the past week every Sunday at 09:00 pm.

NOVA S will include two shows being prepared by Brankica Stankovic’s Insajder production – Little Big Stories (Male Velike Price) and Review of the Week (Insajderov pregled Nedelje). The latest news will be aired at noon and in the main evening news at 07:00 pm produced by N1 TV, the exclusive CNN affiliate in the region.

Sports Spectacle: Euro2020 Qualifiers and League of Nations Games

NOVA has a big surprise for football lovers. The channel will air all European Championship qualifiers played by the Serbian national team and League of Nations games.

The first day of NOVA S will include a qualifier for the European Championship played against Portugal in Lisabon by the Serbian team.

United Media Production Premieres of Domestic Series

NOVA S will be recognizable for top-class series and movies. Viewers will be able to watch new seasons of the United Media productions of Shadows Over the Balkans, My Father’s Killers and Mile Against the Transition this coming autumn.

The first week will include Dragan Bjelogrlic’s locally-produced Branded on Court Series and the new mini series Lullaby for Soldiers.

United Media recently signed an exclusive contract to produce two books by Serbian author Dobrica Cosic – Time of Evil (Vreme Zla) and Time of Death (Vreme Smrti). Viewers of NOVA S can also expect to see two series totaling 45 episodes which will leave their mark on TV production and become a lasting artistic and production heritage.