TV Nova from Serbia and celebrated their birthdays with top results

28. March 2023

TV Nova celebrated its fourth birthday, which it welcomed as the most watched cable television in Serbia, according to TV Beat measurements, while the portal celebrated its third birthday, as the fourth most read portal in Serbia, on Gemius’ list.

To date, TV Nova has positioned itself among the most watched television stations in Serbia, so it is now the third most watched among the total competition, according to measurements by TV Beat. Viewers’ trust continued to grow year after year, with an increasingly rich programming scheme.

In the past year, television has brought the audience exclusive global TV formats. Thus, viewers in Serbia had the opportunity to watch the popular show “The Biggest Loser” for the first time, and the entertainment-competition show “Survivor” and the quiz “Do you want to become a millionaire” once again proved that they are among the biggest television phenomena, breaking viewership records. At the request of the viewers, the television is now also broadcasting the “Survivor plus” special.

With Dnevnik, which lasts for a full hour, Nova continued to raise the standards in domestic journalism and won the huge affection of the viewers, and the famous introductions that start each show changed the perception of news programs in Serbia and achieved great popularity.

In previous years, the audience also enjoyed some of the best United Media production series – “Awake” (Kljun), which won the audience award at the Cannes festival, “Time of Evil” (Vreme zla), “Shadows over the Balkans 2” (Senke nad Balkanom 2), “My Father’s Murderers” (Ubice mog oca), “Marked in the Racket” (Žigosani u reketu). , “Weekend with father” (Vikend sa ćaletom), “Alexander of Yugoslavia” (Aleksandar od Jugoslavije), “The Godfathers” (Kumovi), and already at the beginning of next year, viewers can expect another top series based on the novel by Dobrica Ćosić – “Time of Death” (Vreme smrti), by Goran Šušljik.

The portal celebrated its third birthday with phenomenal results, reaching almost three million real users in January and positioning itself among the top five portals in Serbia in February. With 102 million open pages and the reach of one text on Facebook of 1,480,000, once again proved that it is the portal people turn to for the most relevant information.

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