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TV series “Kljun” starts shooting

19th August, 2020

The first clapperboard of the TV series “Kljun” by Srđan Dragojević, being produced by United Media, designated the beginning of its shooting in Pančevo today, and in the next three months top rated cast will continue shooting at locations in Belgrade, Subotica, Mokrin, Senta and Palić Lake.

The series will have 10 episodes and will premiere at the beginning of next year on Nova S television. Based on the idea of Milorad Milinković, the script is signed by Matija Dragojević, Ljubica Luković, Anja Mijović and Srđan Dragojević.

Sonja Kljun is a young, ambitious detective, eager to prove that her refined intuition was right – the alleged suicide in peaceful Subotica hides far more serious secrets than it seems at first glance. Sonja’s moving to Subotica will trigger a series of events that will reveal deeply buried secrets related to a mysterious organization and to Sonja’s past as well. Refined intuition is something that distinguishes not only Sonja but her ten-year-old daughter as well, whose strange dreams related to her mother’s work suddenly begin to come true.

The series will be directed by Jelena Gavrilović and Uroš Tomić.

The directing duo says that the themes of talent, dreams and migration are developed through the series and that their heroes “struggle to be free and their own persons”.

“Talent is something that connects a large number of heroes. It is a huge burden for them because they do not know how to preserve it themselves, but they often fall into the hands of some institutions trying to abuse it. Human migration is also a rather up-to-date topic, and in the series, we have both the characters coming from the Middle East and migration of the nineties in this region as a topic, but essentially – it is a story about the need to stay your own through all these journeys”, director Jelena Gavrilović said.

Director Uroš Tomić says this is the first domestic crime series with a woman as the main character, and so they find it important to delegate this role to a good actress.

“The lead actress is Ivana Vuković, an already recognized actress when it comes to auteur films and theatre, however, fortunately, the television audience does not know her so well and it will be a refreshment for the audience. The series deals with dreams, instinct, the sixth sense, and it was somehow implied to engage a woman; the reason comes from the very story and the script, however on the other hand, due to hyperproduction, one also observes novelties in TV series, and the fact is that no one has observed it from a woman’s perspective,” he added.

In addition to Ivana Vuković, the audience will have the opportunity to watch Ljiljana Blagojević, after eight years long pause, who plays the owner of a boarding house in Palić, then the young actor Stefan Vukić (Mića Tot) in the role of a police inspector, Mićko Ljubičić (Dušan) as a State Security employee and guardian of Sonja Kljun.

For the first time, a girl – Drena Mršić (10) will appear on film and television in the role of Sonja’s daughter, and there will also be Nataša Šolak Tapušković, Mario Knezović, Ljubiša Miličić and Vahid Džanković.

The production company Delirium is the executive producer of the TV series.