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United Media and Nova TV will organize the judging for the International Emmy awards in Pula

22nd March, 2024

United Media, the leading media company in Southeast Europe, in collaboration with Nova TV, will host this year’s semi-final round of judging of one category for the prestigious International Emmy Awards, with the event taking place in Pula in July.

This is the third consecutive year that United Media has had the honor of organizing the judging process. In the previous two years, we gathered numerous renowned directors, actors, producers, TV professionals, and other leading global and regional experts from the fields of production, television, film, and the arts in Dubrovnik and Athens. United Media and Nova TV will now host this prestigious event in Pula, during the Pula Film Festival.

Additionally, we have signed a collaboration and media sponsorship agreement with the Pula Film Festival, the oldest film event in Croatia.

“As a regional production leader, United Media supports the seventh art, and collaboration with the ’71st Pula Film Festival’ is a natural strategic step. Additionally, in Pula, for the third consecutive year, we will host the jury for the International Emmy Awards, which we are also proud of. We are dedicated to producing high-quality, original, and engaging content, and we are extremely pleased that through these collaborations, we can contribute to the development of the creative industry,” said Aleksandra Subotić, CEO of United Media.

She added that this is fantastic way to contribute to the development of the creative industry, to connect all relevant stakeholders, to generate new ideas and new opportunities for partnerships and co-productions, not only from the region but from around the world as well.

United Media produces more than 40,000 hours of original content annually, bringing together top professionals from the world of production, both television and film. Connecting with strong film festivals and other events in the field of creativity, production, and culture in general, is an important aspect of the company’s business.

As part of the collaboration between the Pula Film Festival and United Media, the organization of a prestigious screenplay development workshop is also announced, for which a competition will soon be announced.

Tanja Miličić, the director of the Pula Film Festival, stated: “We are honored that United Media has recognized a valuable partner in the Pula Film Festival, and together we will create conditions for even better visibility of the Croatian film industry and provide Croatian and regional filmmakers with an additional opportunity to enrich their knowledge and present carefully crafted ideas within the PulaPRO program.”

Pula will be the focal point this year, bringing together numerous strong and unique creative energies from different parts of the world, where we will witness quality productions and projects that enrich lives, bring people together, and inspire.