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United Media announced an acquisition of Direct Media

5th June, 2018

United Media, which owns popular television channels Sport Klub, N1, TOP, Grand, Pikaboo and others, announced today that is has sought approval with the Serbian Commission for the Protection of Competition (SCPC) for the acquisition of 100% of the Direct Media company in Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania. This process also includes an application seeking approval for the Direct Media company to acquire terrestrial television stations Pink BiH and Pink Crna Gora.

“Direct Media is a modern advertising agency with a large number of clients in several countries in the region, excellent relations with television stations and media, and well-developed models for placement and monetization of the local productions and appealing content. We see it as an excellent platform to launch the transformation of television stations in the region through the implementation of new technologies,” said United Media CEO Aleksandra Subotić.

“Direct media has been the regional leader in the media and communications agencies market for nearly two decades, as well as an important partner in the production of television content. We are glad that United Media has recognized the values of Direct Media, and I believe that our merger will be a key factor in the transformation of the of the television advertisement market in the region towards embracing a new digital era,” commented Direct Media Chairman Krassimir Guergov.

Becoming part of United Media will enable Direct Media to continue developing new technologies and innovative advertising solutions as well as progress with the implementation of digital marketing. This will enable Direct Media to develop different services that can be launched on different platforms, setting it up for future growth.