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United Media has launched Radar – a new political weekly

14th March, 2024

United Media has launched Radar, a new political weekly in Serbia that will be published every Thursday and available to the audience via its online version,

Vesna Mališić, the chief editor, will lead a team of experienced journalists to provide investigative stories, analyses of political and socio-economic events in the country and the world, as well as interviews with interesting personalities. Radar will uncover social and societal anomalies, economic myths, and critically analyze the cultural spectrum, creative processes, and cultural policies.

Completely independent of all kinds of pressures, the new weekly is intended for individuals who, above all, appreciate quality.

The team is made up of proven and brave journalists with integrity who have proven to be immune to any pressure or threat and have received numerous awards for their work. They are well-known among the general public as brilliant journalists with a distinct writing style. Radar’s editorial board includes Vesna Mališić, Milan Ćulibrk, Dragan Jovićević, and Zoran Preradović. Journalists include Vuk Z. Cvijić, Vera Didanović, Marko Lovrić, Vladan Marjanović, Dragana Nikoletić, Luka Petrušić, Sandra Petrušić, Milan Radonjić, Stefan Slavković, Radmila Stanković, and Mića Vujičić.

“I am delighted that these outstanding professionals have joined United Media. They have demonstrated how to perform their jobs professionally in the past and how to withstand all challenges in protecting true journalism. We will offer readers a weekly that raises and imposes important topics, investigates and analyses the context, and opens up space for dialogue in society. A serious magazine and its digital extension respect the highest professional standards and do not succumb to sensationalism,” emphasized the CEO of United Media, Aleksandra Subotić.

“Every beginning is naturally exciting, but nevertheless, I haven’t felt such enthusiasm from journalists and editors in a long time, nor the joy when the printing press put out the first copies of the weekly. I am confident that Radar will be a trustworthy ally to the public, reinforcing the strength and authority of the journalistic word. We have the ambition to raise the standards of objective, courageous, critical, and highly professional journalism,” stated Vesna Mališić. She also expressed gratitude for the public’s overwhelming support during the weekly radar preparation process.

Dušan Petričić’s cartoons will be featured in each issue, along with columnists Saša Ilić, Danica Popović, Predrag Peca Popović, and Dragan Velikić.