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United Media Introduces First 4K Channel – Sport Klub 4K

20th October, 2018

This October United Media is introducing the new SK 4K channel – a channel in 4K resolution!

True fans of sports and technology in 4K format will be able to watch the first broadcasts already on 21 October, which is when the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix takes place, and on 28 October one of the largest football duels in the world, a La Lige match, Barcelona vs. Real Madrid.

Sport Klub is known for the most exclusive sports content, but also for introducing new broadcasting technologies, in which it keeps up with the most developed countries. Now it is bringing something that has never been seen in this region, a unique and television experience in the highest resolution.

4K is the state-of-the-art highest quality technology for television broadcasting, where the 4K refers to the number of pixels, i.e. four times more than HD technology.

Keep watching Sport Klub, because, as always, along with the best broadcasts there will also be innovations and pleasant surprises for all viewers.