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United Media presents VIDA – addressable advertising project

23rd September, 2019

United Media presented its latest innovation VIDA – addressable advertising project based on EON platform, at the Weekend Media Festival in the northern Croatia Adriatic resort of Rovinj over the weekend.

Panel participants discussed addressable advertising as the most important topic among international media and tech giants, what will it bring and how United Media’s innovation will look like in practice.

VIDA platform (Video Dynamic Advertising) for addressable advertising will be available in the region for the first time and it brings the innovations in the world industry because it will make possible to change the advertising blocks in a live programme.

“One of the most important trends in the world is arriving in our region, and it is powered by the most advanced ad-tech platform. The power of digital advertising and targeting will be achievable on linear TVs, not only on the big screens but also on other devices used for the consumption of TV content. As viewer behaviour constantly changes and evolves yearly, addressable advertising will completely change the way we advertise on television,” United Media said.

Marija Matic, the United Media project leader, said that “the EON platform which had been awarded many times so far, was the foundation of the project. In the beginning, the viewers will be targeted via EON on the United Media portfolio channels: Idj, Cinemania, Sport Club, Nova S..,” she added.

Matic said that all ad tech companies were trying to enter the market because they recognised the trend of video advertising as the dominating one.

Mika Tasic, a consultant from Great Britain, said VIDA was technologically more flexible than one used by British Sky.

“I didn’t expect anything revolutionary to be happening here, but it is. Congratulations!” he added.

United Cloud Technology Executive Director Sergey Berisaj said the work on the project lasted a year and that it could now replace the ads in a live programme, without its time being restricted in advance.

Also, the change in the ads can be done on all devices a programme is watched on TV, desktop, mobile devices…

The panel participants included: Sergej Berisaj – United Cloud, CTO (Slovenija), Marija Matić – United Media, VIDA project leader (DAI), (Luxembourg), Aleksa Radonjić – United Media, Advertising Business Strategist (Serbia), Mika Tasich – Tiilio, co-founder and CTO (United Kingdom), Ivana Uspenski – Proximity Worldwide, Head of Communication Ecosystems (Germany). The panel was moderated by Magdalena Malinova – an independent consultant on advertising, communication and media strategies and sales from Croatia. N1 TV operates as part of United Media.