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United Media to screen famous writer Dobrica Cosic

11th March, 2019

United Media company signed an exclusive contract for filming Dobrica Cosic novels the “Time of Death” (Vreme smrti) and the “Time of Evil” (Vreme zla), adding new series would be aired on Nova S (former Top channel).

Two, out of 45 episodes that started with the screening of the “Roots” (Koreni) novel are planned for shooting in the original production of the United Media company.

The “Time of Death” will have 30 episodes and the “Time of evil” 15.

The creator and executive producer will be “Eye to Eye” Goran Susljik’s production firm which made the “Roots” adaptation as well.

“The TV projects the “Time of Death” and the “Time of Evil” are based on Dobrica Cosic’s novels, and I believe they will mark the television creativity and production in years to come and remain as lasting art and production heritage to generations to come,” Susljik said.

He thanked the United Media for its trust and belief that these project would get us back to real and essential values not only in producing the highest quality television contents but in leaving a trace for the understanding of what we have been and what we are.”

Exiting in its structure, Cosic’s novels about ups and downs of one nation told through many intimate and unique stories, and collective misadventures will grab the audience’s attention. It will offer new episodes of the moving, passionate, magnificent, but tragic events at the same time in the life of Katic’s family and many other dramatic destinies in this region in the 20th century, the United Media statement said.

Cosic is one of the most distinguished Serbia’s writers of the 19th and 20th centuries and his works left a memorable mark not only in Serbia’s but also in the European literature, the statement said.

United Media positioned itself as a leader in producing high-budget quality original local series. After the second and third seasons of the “My Fathers’ Killers” (Ubice mog oca) serial which broke a record in a number of viewers in the whole region, United Media plans to film new episodes in the second half of 2019, with long-awaited answers to some questions from the previous parts.

As of April, the viewers of Nova S can enjoy in the new episodes of Dragan Bjelogrlic’s (famous Serbia’s actor, director and producer), “Branded on Court” (Zigosani u reketu) series, while as of this autumn, in the second episode of the “Shadows Over Balkans” (Senke nad Balkanom) and new parts of “Mile Against Transition” (Mile protive tranzijie).