United Media’s crime series available in 30 countries – Introducing two new titles!

29. February 2024

The widely acclaimed and award-winning portfolio of crime series by United Media, which has captivated audiences in over 30 countries worldwide, is now enriched with two new titles. We present ‘Demon’s Fall’ and ‘The Skarab’, series that will keep viewers glued to their screens.

Crime is one of the most popular genres in our catalogue and we are excited to broaden it with this scripted originals. Whether it’s ritualistic murders in a small town in Bulgaria or an elite crime-solving unit in Greece, both have brilliant plots, inexplicable mysteries and complex characters that will leave no one indifferent.

These additions are poised to enrich our diverse range of offerings, building upon the success of our previous titles – Awake, The Hunt for Salamander and Davil’s Throat. Widely acclaimed for their quality and sold in over 30 countries, including the UK and USA, our portfolio of crime series currently consists of approximately 40 titles. Each of the series we have produced, as well as those we are currently working on, speaks to our dedication to delivering top-notch entertainment.

Among the prestigious clients who have recognized the excellence of our offerings are Walter Presents, M7, HBO, AXN, Globo, Nova Greece, Topic, and many more.

“We are incredibly proud that the quality of our production has been recognized worldwide. This demonstrates that the attraction of captivating stories transcends national boundaries. Whether it’s the intricate web of deception in busy cityscapes or the dark mysteries of quiet countryside, the draw of a well-crafted crime series is universal. That is why we are certain that the two new titles in the UM catalogue will surpass the accomplishments of previous releases,” said Tatjana Pavlović,  Director of original content sales and co-production.

She added that United Media continually strives to create a myriad of high-quality projects, both independently and in collaboration with esteemed international productions.

The series “Demon’s Fall” hails from Bulgaria and serves as a spin-off of the popular series “The Devil’s Throat.” Even before its television premiere, it was declared the best series at the oldest Bulgarian film festival, “Golden Rose.” Over 12 thrilling episodes, viewers will be drawn into the story of ritualistic murders, unraveling through a complex investigation led by two detectives. Teodora Dukhovnikova stars as Mia Yazova, recently ousted from the State Agency for National Security, who stumbles upon an anonymous tip about a gruesome ritual murder, launching a complex investigation. Collaborating with former colleague Philip Chanov (Vladimir Karamazov), they uncover a multi-layered fraud in the enchanting city of Veliko Tarnovo. The killer meticulously selects historical sites, using ancient execution methods, drawing connections to Christian monsters, and leaving notes in old languages. As the body count rises, a web of truth, lies, mysticism, vengeance, and treachery unfolds, turning the investigation into a blood-soaked historical mystery.

Contemporary crime-solving series “The Skarab” (The Beetle) is coming from Greece. The series’ main storyline follows an elite team from the Homicide Division/Crimes Against Life Department (of GADA), led by their fearless captain, Marcos Alexiou. Known by the nickname “The Skarab” since the police officers’ academy, Marco is celebrated for his job success, determination, agility, and his knack for deciphering the unspoken motives of his adversaries.

We are excited to share these intriguing new stories with audiences across the world.

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