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Veselin Simonović, editor of the portal and newspaper Nova passes away

9th May, 2022

The director and editor-in-chief of the Nova portal and newspaper, Veselin Simonović (63), passed away suddenly on May 8 in Belgrade.

The departure of Veselin Simonović is a great loss, first of all for his family, but also for the journalistic profession and all free-minded citizens of Serbia.

We have lost a wonderful colleague, collaborator, friend. Vesa has been one of the most important names in Serbian journalism for decades. A journalist and editor with a sharp pen and a strong character, known for the highest professional standards and uncompromising attitude. It was an honour and a privilege to work with him and watch his and our portal becoming, day by day, one of the most credible sources of information both in Serbia and in the region.

He always protected the dignity of the journalistic profession and sharply dissected social and political reality in his columns. His undisputed editorial authority was respected by many readers, intellectuals, politicians, and above all by young colleagues to whom he was not only a role model, but also a mentor.

United Media expresses great respect and gratitude to Veselin Simonović for managing to defend independent journalism in Serbia in difficult times.

The deepest condolences to the family of Veselin Simonović were also expressed by the Executive Director of United Media, Aleksandra Subotić. “When we decided to add the independent, free portal Nova in Serbia to our media portfolio, we wanted Vesa to be the editor-in-chief. Colleagues recommended him as the “best” for the job. Due to the many persecutions he experienced, he was then the director of the Blic portal in Republika Srpska. He immediately answered “Count me in, but I just want to ask my wife and children”. From that day on, we had a safe and reliable partner at every step, we formed the editorial board at lightning speed, because every day was important to contribute to the truth. In two months, the portal started working and attracted the attention of a large number of citizens with its different approach, free, independent, clear reporting. Attacks by the current government started almost immediately, both on Vesa and on the journalists of the editorial board. Vesa was being called out from national frequencies every day. He used to say to it: “I would worry if it were different, this comes as a compliment to me.”

When we realised that there is no other free daily newspaper on the Serbian media scene except the Danas, we decided to start the newspaper Nova. Vesa was very happy, he loved newspapers. But, we encountered a new obstacle because no printing house in Serbia wanted or could print such a newspaper. Vesa went from one to the other, without success. He did not want to give up, he was looking for a solution. And he found it: he agreed to print the newspaper Nova in Osijek. We had more plans, he left too soon.

He was a wonderful man, I thank him immensely for everything he did for United Media, but also for journalism in Serbia. My deepest condolences to his family.

Eternal glory to him!”