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Independent, highly professional, informative and political journal

The daily newspaper Danas is one of the most influential dailies in Serbia. For the past 26 years, Danas has established itself as an independent, highly professional, informative and political journal dealing with relevant social issues. The daily newspaper Danas was founded on June 9, 1997, by a group of former journalists from Borba and Naša Borba. In the late nineties, we faced bans, criticisms, and obstacles at every turn, but nothing could prevent us from publishing truthful and objective news every day.

No government has been lenient towards criticism, and we consider it one of the fundamental roles of the media – to inform citizens and serve as a corrective factor in society and the state.

Despite all the challenges, the Danas editorial team persevered and succeeded in keeping its readers informed in a timely manner. The editors-in-chief of Danas were as follows: Grujica Spasović served from 1997 until February 2006, when he was succeeded by Mihal Ramač, who held the position until 2009. From 2009 onwards, Zoran Panović served as the editor-in-chief until his replacement in March 2016 by Dragoljub Petrović.

Danas is one of three newspapers (the other two being Dnevni telegraf and Naša borba) that were banned on October 14, 1998, by a government decision for “spreading fear and defeatism” during the initial threat of NATO bombardment. When the danger subsided, the ban was lifted after a few months.

Danas is a corporate member of the South East Europe Media Organization (SEEMO), the Project Syndicate Association of Newspapers, the Media Association, and the Press Council. Since 2021,