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United Media has a substantial presence in Serbia with an extensive and diverse portfolio that includes television networks, online portals, print editions, advertising agencies, and a distribution network. The Nova brand in Serbia includes a cable channel, a comprehensive web portal, and daily newspaper. High-quality program selection quickly propelled Nova TV to the position of most-watched cable channel in Serbia – original series such as Legacy, Black Sun and Time of Death as well as global TV formats like Survivor, and Come Dine With Me” quickly became audience favorites.

N1 has been present in Serbia since its establishment in 2014 – a news platform and CNN affiliate for this part of the Balkans, N1 has become an indispensable source of information, proving its objectivity and professionalism over the years, as evidenced by numerous awards won for investigative journalism. In late 2023, the Forbes Serbia website was launched as a licensed edition of the prestigious American magazine. Just a few months later, Forbes Serbia’s website was named the top portal in the News and Media category in Top50 – the only official selection of portals in Serbia. Through the acquisition of the daily newspaper and portal Danas in 2021, United Media in Serbia expanded its reach, catering to a wide readership. Our portfolio also includes the music television channels Grand and IDJ, film channels Nova Max, Nova Series and Cinemania, while children have access to engaging content on Pikaboo, and IDJ Kids. One of the most recognizable music competitions in this part of Europe – Grand Stars is part of our offering.

The Sport Klub, Cinemania, and Fishing and Hunting channels have been broadcasting since 2006 and are part of United Media’s initial offerings. Over the course of those 18 years, Sport Klub has grown into the most recognizable sports brand, broadcasting prestigious sports competitions. We are proud of the nearly two decades of our collaboration with elite organizations such as Euroleague, Formula 1, Moto GP, etc.

We are extremely proud of our original productions and series, such as Legacy and Black Sun, which are part of our offerings even on the Amazon platform. The series Awake is the only series from this region that was showcased at the Cannes Series Festival, where it won the Audience Award. The film “Guardians of the formula” was declared the most watched film of 2023, and in addition, it participated in numerous international festivals

In addition to our media offering, we provide advertising services through Casmedia, facilitating the sale of advertising space on leading domestic and international thematic channels in Serbia. Our media system, Direct media, offers integrated communications, advertising, and media services to both international and local partners. Furthermore, IDJ Digital takes charge of worldwide content distribution across all digital platforms, and Fortuna handles event organization, studio, and video production of e-sports-related content for national and international audiences.

The biggest


platform in SEE

Most watch cable channel in the country

1.100 employees

CNN affiliate N1 is first news platform in the region

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Our company has an important footprint in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with two nationally licenced television stations, Nova BH and N1, both of which have high ratings.