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N1 Croatia

Professional, independent, and objective media outlet

N1 is the first regional and national 24-hour news and current affairs platform and a CNN affiliate, launched in October 2014.  In a short period of time, it became the most relevant news television on the Croatian media market.

It offers viewers a live program that starts in the morning and lasts until late in the evening. With its quick reactions, always from the scene and providing true and objective information and analyses in the studio with numerous guests, it has become synonymous with breaking news in Croatia.

The mission of N1 Television is to remain an objective and impartial news channel, where journalists provide viewers with information as it is, accompanied by relevant analysis, without succumbing to any external pressure. Responsibility towards the viewers has always been and remains the mission of N1 Television.

We continue to strive to be exclusively live, with broadcasts and analyses of the latest news – both domestic and international, political, business, sports, health, scientific, and even entertainment news. We aim to remain the leading television news channel in the Croatian media market, one that is followed, trusted by viewers, and to which they return every day in order to stay informed.

CNN affiliate