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N1 Serbia

N1 Serbia has established itself as a professional, independent, and objective media outlet

N1 is the first regional and national 24-hour news and current affairs platform and a CNN affiliate, launched in October 2014. Since then, it has become an indispensable source of information for citizens in all countries.

This was confirmed by TV Beat, which revealed that N1 was among the top 5 channels in terms of viewership over the past two years on the networks it airs on. It has garnered more viewers than some TV stations holding national broadcasting permits. Over the years, N1’s programming has become a crucial source of information for the Serbian public and a model of media unaffected by the influence of interest groups on editorial policy.

Throughout the day’s news, a professional team of journalists and editors prepares and delivers the latest and most important information to viewers. Studio guests analyze the most significant political and social events of the day, while field reporters provide direct coverage, ensuring that viewers gain a comprehensive understanding of the day’s crucial events.

In addition to its rich daily programming, N1 has developed an extensive documentary center and produces high-quality documentaries that investigate and reveal everything that power tries to conceal. We are always on the ground, bringing stories firsthand. Our journalists have reported from Ukraine, Russia, Israel, and more. As a CNN affiliate, we have the capability to exclusively bring our viewers stories from their journalists worldwide.

Experience has shown that during significant socio-political events, citizens of Serbia and the region turn to N1 as a trusted source of information.

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