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Welcome to the ultimate destination for the latest sports news! is the premium sports news website with more than 20 years presence in Greece. It offers breaking news, interviews, exclusive live streaming events and ondemand videos from major european championships as well as opinion articles from The Experts. It is the leading sports news video production service producing more than 11K generated video clips per season.

One of the legacy sports news sites in the Greek market started operating as “” in the late 90’s offering latest sports news and media content from TOP competitions and rebranded early 2000 to the current Novasports brand. It is a premium sports video digital outlet publishing thousands of articles, video content on an annual basis on websites and social media.

During the last years, evolved following the tremendous growth of social media, establishing its presence on major social channels like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and lately opened a dedicated page on TikTok. Novasports social fan base exceeds 500K followers while YouTube is considered the flagship media with 260K subscribers.

With many years of experience and technical knowledge, our team of TOP journalists, producers and engineers, bring exclusive interviews with coaches, players, athletes, legends from Greece and abroad and covers premium sports events like the EuroLeague Final Four with a 360 approach and custom formats tailored to every distribution channel.


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